The space

Our host, Losel Shedrup Ling, is a Buddhist practice center. When you arrive you’ll be entering their shrine room. Please remove your shoes and store them by the door.

Please try to arrive before 7:00 and settle in quietly. There are no reserved seats so simply find a comfortable spot for yourself, either a cushion on the floor or one of the chairs.

Please observe silence during sitting periods.

If you need to leave early, you may leave right after the first sitting or talk. Please do not leave during a meditation period.

We’ve had many families bring children who have done very well, but young children (and some adults) may find a 40-45 minute meditation challenging. There is a back room where one could read or move around if sitting that long proves to be too difficult.  If you need to get up or move please try to do so as quietly as possible, being mindful of others.  Don’t worry if you have trouble, with practice it gets much easier!

Please practice mindful listening and speaking. Speak from your own experience.

There is no charge for being a member of this group.  We do however rely on our generous host, Losel Shedrup Ling, to provide us with a wonderful location perfectly suited to our practice. If you feel like thanking them, there is a donation basket where you can contribute to their funds to maintain the center. There’s also a PayPal button on their website.